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A Modern Day Old Master

Artist David Langevin

Trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow, these elements, combined with distinctive painting methods and an audacious style, have characterized the paintings of this well known Canadian artist.  

"David's paintings are like no other. The glow from the canvas is just MAGICAL. He's able to catch the light in a way that I've never seen before"


I believe David gets better and better . . .with every stroke of the brush, he never stops learning and improving a craft that is already near perfect.


He has the creative talent and  skill to take a breathtaking scene and make it even more unique and beautiful by adding his own  perspective to the work. People often say his paintings make their hearts soar.


"Seeing how you work and watching you paint is like watching a magic show. Every brush stroke brings new magic, new life, and something wonderfully unexpected to the scene.”


"His paintings are rich and unique. I, personally, have been brought to tears by his work.  The rich colors, passion, and dramatic movement often evoke unexpected emotions."  


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