Trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow, these elements, combined with distinctive painting methods and an audacious style, have characterized the paintings of this well known Canadian artist.  

 David Langevin’s dramatic renditions of the Canadian wilderness and his bold ‘tree portraits’ have become almost as familiar as the subject they depict.  His art is represented in galleries across the country and has inspired many nature lovers, artists, and of course, collectors.  Moreover, his striking use of light and unique painting methods have creating a captivating vision of this country’s landscape that has even influenced the way many art lovers and collectors of his work view those same subjects;  a hike in the forest or the mountains is never the same for those who have come to know Langevin’s imagery. 

“I am often told that my style is reminiscent of the Group of Seven. It is true that I like to paint Canadian landscape, and trees of course, but that is where the similarity ends. From a technical perspective, my paintings could not be more different. The Group of Seven painters were working in the Alla Prima painting methods popularized by the Impressionists; my stuff is more like Baroque painting techniques meet the Canadian wilderness…”

 David Langevin is a modern day Old Master - an impeccable craftsman, an innate talent. “When I looked at the paintings of the Old Masters I saw in their work something that I did not see in modern art. Nothing in my education or experience as a painter could help me understand how they achieved the effects that they did. I wanted that. I wanted to know I could achieve any effect that I could imagine. I wanted complete expressive freedom...”

 After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Ottawa, David spent several years perfecting his painting skills. He pored over old texts, treatises, and manuscripts stored in the backrooms of art restoration departments and libraries reserved for conservationists. David obtained a Masters in Art Education degree from McGill University, specializing in methods and materials for the painter.

Since 1992, he has been living in British Columbia where he finds an endless supply of inspiration for his art. David gives lectures and presentations on painting and the art market, he teaches, coaches and conducts workshops on painting materials and techniques.

His paintings are sold in galleries across Canada.